Ramp up new team members – Agile development project

Ramp up of new team members is important for the good utilization. In Agile development projects, this may be a challenge due to pace of the sprints with team members busy in their sprint work.  From the past experience, following are the few important steps and best practices : 1) Training plan: Need to create [...]

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Scrum Based Agile Projects – Shift from Development to Maintenance

Scrum based Agile project faces serious challenges when there is a shift from pure development to the maintenance phase. Following are some of the common challenges during this transition: 1) Mindset of the team: In development phase, sprints are well defined and all the per-requisites are available. Team has to start from scratch on the [...]

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Storing Hierarchical data in RDBMS

During the development of software applications “storing of hierarchical data” is one of the common problem developer faced at certain point in the career. Following article highlight one elegant solution to this problem : Requirement: Most important requirement of storing hierarchical data is to make it a very less expensive in terms of querying and [...]

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Plan your sprint!!!

Is it really possible to develop and test in a same sprint? Should we entertain changes during the sprint? Tester complains that the developers are giving all the stories in the end of the sprint. Less time to test, are we compromising quality? What should we do in sprint planning meeting? Is any SLA possible [...]

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Proxy design pattern

Proxy design pattern provides a placeholder or surrogate for another object to control access. Gang of four defines it in following manner:“Allow for object level access control by acting as a pass through entity or a place holder object.” One good real world example is our ATM card as a surrogate to our bank account [...]

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Is Agile team more prone to attrition ? Myth or Reality ?

Is agile team more prone to attrition???This is the question comes to many organization when they adopt Agile esp. in India. My agile journey started with the one big enterprise agile project running from 3 different location around the world. We are working as distributed agile teams. I become an admirer of this methodology as it empower [...]

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The Template Method Design Pattern

The Template Method Design Pattern Template design patterns addresses the problems where the steps of algorithm and their order are known however how to implement those steps are not known. The template method pattern solution is to encapsulate abstract methods in one abstract super class. Also, have one method where these methods are invoked in [...]

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Simplicity–the art of maximizing the amount of work not done–is essential

This is one of the principle behind agile manifesto. I tried to understand this and came up with this more simpler form Simplicity – Art to maximize the value of TODO – is essential. Agile is a lean software development approach. Things and activities which gives good value make sense in agile. Simple things are easy [...]

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